Pros Of Billboard Advertising

Accessible Location

If the billboard is place in a location where people can see it effortlessly, you can rest assured that bikers, drivers and anyone walking in the area will see it. You should also include your contact information to make sure that potential customers can reach you whenever they want to do it.

Creating Visual References

Most people have a strong memory for images compared to large texts. Therefore, billboards are the best way to communicate to potential customers because they will increase brand awareness for your product with a particular image. If the images are attractive and enticing, you can rest assured that the potential customers will pay attention to what your company has to say.

Increase In Sales

Billboards are unique advertising tools because they can create impulse purchase. A potential customer might be driving and notice your billboard then decide to make the purchase immediately. If they can get the product immediately, you can improve the value proposition of your business as well as the products thus leaving the customer completely satisfied.

Enticing New Customers

Numerous billboards have provided the directions to the store in question. Upon reading the billboard the customer can decide immediately whether or not to proceed to the store to make a purchase. They might decide to proceed to your store immediately or visit it later but whichever the case, providing information about your store on the billboard is a good way to entice more customers.

Targeting Those With A Buying Power

Anyone viewing your billboard and finding a little interest in it wants to purchase your products. Therefore, you are targeting people with a buying power, especially people who can visit your store and actually purchase products. According to outdoor advertising company, Signkick, with a billboard, you can make a blanket advertisement that covers anyone in the target audience and actual customers will proceed to make the purchase.


Cons Of Billboard Advertising

Difficulty Targeting Specific Audience

Once your billboard goes up, you can target people in a specific neighborhood or any people who pass near it. However, it is tough to target a specific demographic. Therefore, you should count on the fact that every day, a lot of potential customers with no interest in your products or business will be seeing your advert.

Brief Exposure Period

Most people prefer placing their billboards on highways and roadsides. In most cases, drivers on these roads are paying more attention to the road rather than the billboards erected along the highway. Unless, there is slow traffic, most billboards get an exposure of one or two seconds. Therefore, the actual cost of advertising per the exposure time is higher than any other advertising methods available.

Limited Information

Billboards work perfectly for businesses with an already established brand message. Basically, potential or existing customers see an image or the message and connect to your business immediately. If you don’t have such a benefit, potential customers will receive very limited information about your business. As such, you will not make enough sales from such limited information.


Potential customers might not have access to your billboards if they change their movement patterns. For instance, if a highway is closed because of construction and traffic is redirected, your billboard will not be moved with the traffic. On the other hand, you probably signed a contract to keep your billboard in place and switching the locations forces you to get an entirely new contract which is expensive.


Poor Visibility

Don’t expect anyone to see your billboard on dark and stormy days. On the other hand, your billboard might be vandalized blocking people from getting the required information. Finally, if larger cars block other drives on the highway, it’s tough for every potential customers to get the information about your product.  Small to medium sized billboards can cost $300 to $2000 per month, while large ones can command prices between $1500 and $30,000.

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 Here Are The Top 10 Businesses That Use OOH (Billboards):


  1. Restaurants

When people are on the road hungry they usually look for the closest place to eat. Billboards are great to direct hungry patrons or even display day parted specials.


  1. Medical

Hospitals always have something new going on. Welcoming new Doctors, showcasing new medical tech and displaying live ER wait times are just a few.


  1. Automotive

Auto sales ads are everywhere. Major brands advertise on tv, radio and billboards consistently. Even smaller/local dealers use billboard ads from time to time.


  1. Attorney

OOH attorney advertising has grown very rapidly over the last 5 years. Since it’s such a competitive field, lawyers are doing all they can to keep their name out there.


  1. Churches

Another fast growing OOH advertiser, churches are now using digital to promote their many events, church times and community service announcements.


  1. Banks

This one may rank higher on the list in some areas. Banks are very competitive advertisers and utilize digital billboards to promote employees, share community events and even display their products and services.


  1. Insurance

Many large insurance companies offer co-op dollars to their smaller branches, however some agencies go out on their own just to help get the word out.


  1. Dental

Some of our past dental clients have advertised “Smile of the Week” ads. Featuring their happy patients (mostly kids).


  1. Boutiques

Women’s clothing is always being advertised. There’s a new outfit for every season. Most clothing retailers, large and small, advertise year round.


  1. Food Industry

We have had the chance to advertise for several small to medium size local grocery stores. They used to post specials in the news paper, but now they are seeing the advantage of billboards and digital media to get those sales and specials out in front of their audience.